Miller Lowry Developments offers our clients comprehensive development services in the areas of site selection, ground up development, redevelopment of existing projects and community redevelopment projects. We deliver a full range of development services for multi-family units, commercial/retail properties and single-family communities. Our services include:

  • Property Acquisition and Land Planning
  • Environmental and Engineering Services
  • Project Planning, Approvals and Community Outreach
  • Design and Construction Management
  • Developing and Leasing
  • Zoning, Land Use and Entitlement Issues


Miller Lowry Developments Investment Services platform supports the needs of institutional and private commercial properties investors.  Our expertise in real estate investments and our boutique client service make us an ideal partner suited to advise large and mid-sized investors.  We strive to help our clients meet their acquisition needs and maximize value by generating high demand for each asset we develop and represent on their behalf.  Our services include institutional-quality investment services, including portfolio and property-level analysis, capital market solutions, research, acquisition sourcing and property sales.
  • Asset Analysis and Opinion of Value
  • Specific Asset Buy-Sell Strategy
  • Portfolio Strategy by Property Type


At Miller Lowry Developments we understand what drives performance of a real estate portfolio.  Our management services employ rigorous cost management practices, leverage procurement to improve efficiencies, create asset-marketing plans that improve lease-ups and rental rates, and employ a proactive and skillful approach to responsiveness.  Our comprehensive services and hands-on approach to the physical asset ensures that our client’s properties are operated at the highest of standards to maximize the value of our assets.  Our services include:

  • Accounting
  • Management
  • Maintenance & Facilities Management
  • Leasing & Marketing
  • Tenant Services
  • Property Operations Analysis
  • Market and Submarket Analysis and Ranking